Show #21 | Trip to Vegas

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Ben and Merrick take the portable recorder with them on their trip to Vegas!! This trip and podcast was powered by’s new API. Please check them out: gambling api helps your startup win big!

Topics covered:

  • has a new API blog and API Login for their awesome gambling platform. Check it out!
  • We cover second dinner and why it was so good
  • We catch up with Merrick’s hardcore MySQL work and Ben’s thoughts on logging an api
  • We find a QR Code in a suspicious place
  • There may have even been some coding going on in the hotel!
  • Thanks again to for making this possible!

Show #13 | This may break your iThing

iOSDevCamp coverage, recorded July 25, 2011

Official Website:
- 4Sight:
- Real Money Slots:
- Mashboard
- RMS used for icons
- Google+ and why it’s so much better than Facebook

Bitcoin Cents:
- Neal mentions: The attacks we covered last week are “Probably not a problem” according to this wiki page

- Fail depth is level 2 :)


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