Show #31 | Bitcoin 2013
Coverage of Bitoin 2013 conference hash tag: #bitcoin2013.

ASIC miner

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Show #9.1 | More Keyboards than you can type on

We have Merrick back on the show for a Keyboard filled episode!  This week:

- Listener feedback
- Using a catch-all email to prevent spam
- Duke Nukem Forever!
- Our stories about the day we first learned alt+tab
Das Keyboard (blank keys)
- Sony security / PR debacle
- Follow-up to audio QR code, “Manchester Encoding” a type of “Line Code” which will allow you to have multiple 0’s or 1’s in a row no problem:
- ProBoolean in 3ds Max
- Follow-up on VIN numbers being stored in car.  “Fuse Burning” chips.  FPGA’s.
ASIC = Application Specific Integrated Circuit
- Ad-Hoc WiFi, Sam and Ben tested it


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