Show #10 | Attacking from the Side

- Go Daddy is the reason the last show has a decimal point (9.1)
- Known Chrome/Wikipedia bug; multi-threaded race condition
- Sam tries release handles to a hard drive after backing up. Using process explorer failed
- NETBUS sucks, sub7 has more features came later    ohrlly YA RLLY!
- Sam’s epic guide
- Old school games >>  url of ecco, fuck my life, i hate my life! (must watch at least like 4 or 5 of them to get a sense of how pissed this dude is, and how hard this game is).
- (Greatest WOW freak out ever!!)
- Side channel attacks  (
- Audio Attack on keyboard:
- What if, sound based keyboard!?
- Optical Time-Domain Eavesdropping attack on CRT Displays
- Packet size of VBR (skype) audio to detect spoken sentences
- Cold boot attack on RAM
- Firewire/Thunderbolt can to dump RAM
- USB adapter for Colemak… adapt a hardware keylogger for this purpose?
- Colemak correction, re: the prehistory of qwerty:
- Ben is starting Colemak.  How browser switched in middle of sentence.  Win7 says to press alt+shift, but the hotkey is really ctrl+shift
- Batch OCRing with Adobe Acrobat X.
- Recaptcha, and books, and things,
- Peerblock list management resource:
Possible to use peerblock to prevent fake a/v apps? YES!

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