Show #11 | Almost Bitcoin

We have our first listener call-in over Skype to discuss VMWare ESXi in this weeks episode:
- What is the Cryptographic function hash()  ?
- What is the Mathematical operator mod()  ?
- Listener Feedback:  Antonio, Neal, Mike Shaw
- PSExec and features:
+ Scripting an exe to always open w/ a set affinity
+ Files by default are placed in \windows\system32, can be moved via commandline
+ Remotely start/stop services
+ Discuss pushing a ‘servlet’ in forensics (EnCase FIM/EE)
- Side topic into movies non realistic image “enhancement” :
+ Enhance Super troopers:
+ Red dwarf Uncrop:
+ Hilarious enhance montage:
- Merick’s review of Ecco the dolphin guy. Also a bit about how we were huge fanboys for consoles we loved

=== Interview with Neal from covering VMWare ===
What is VMWare (ESX / ESXi / ESX embedded). From a small business perspective. What is possible with the free version, what are the benefits of getting the cheapest paid version, hardware required, storage options, logins, back up options etc.
Comparison of VMWare versions:

VMWare supported hardware
- Veeam
- Ben compares XenServer to VMWare
- WINSXS server
- Revisit Side Channels:
+ Blinking LED’s (Neil)
+ Van Eck Phreaking
+ Acoustic:
===== We say Goodbye to Neal =====

- Please Visit Neal’s Blog:

- How we record the Podcast, and what “triple ending” means
- XenServer intellicache. (page 21) of the pdf.
- xenserver desktop, ‘thinclients’



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