Show #3 | Skynet in the Cloud

In show three we pick it up a notch and propose ways to dominate storage in the cloud.
  • IE 8, repeated clicking sound in bing >O<
  • “We’ve reached the point of diminishing returns” – Win7 searching
  • I have a f-ing VIDEO of showing the search feature in 7 failing. Yes. I documented the whole f-ing thing. I uploaded the whole damn thing to YouYube. fml.
  • Viruses on iOS, using a hex editor to identify malware .IPA files?
  • iOS device as an FTP server for hosting a website? lulz (serversman)
  • QR Codes
  • Proposal for CLOUD Storage Workaround; adrive
  • 3DS augmented reality, and Ben’s 3D research at UC Davis
  • My research at UC Davis
  • XenServer 5.6 and raid fail, good disk practices for SuseStudio

Download MP3, Skynet in the Cloud