Show #19 | Russian PDF Pump Downs Drone

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In this titillating episode we cover pretty much everything you dreamed about last night. Wait, what!? Not that dream you freak! You need professional help!

On another note we had our fan Mike call into the show! We discussed the Carrier IQ disaster alongside other technological tidbits.

From there we touched upon mobile OS’s, an ADD depth onto the awesome PeerBlock software, then moved the discussion to Iran’s jihad (GPS exploit) on our Drone. I’m tired of posting links so if you want more info on the Iran jacking drone Then I recapped the supposed water utility hack. Finally we got to Ben’s sniffing packets on a local network tutorial.

Sam mentions some funny ftp login attempts, I ADD’d onto the awesome backup service Backblaze ($4/month). Then Sam recaps on Eric Reis’s awesome book The Lean Startup. Followed by another tangent into MD5 hashing and why you shouldn’t use it; check your favorite password MD5′d against this database of cracked hashes/passwords

Mike mentions the book Hacking Work. I still want to read How To Break Web Software.

  • The whole idea of privacy seems to need a review with modern tech – it is so easy to tag people in photos, search for them (and their friends) on various social networks, say something online that gets found by the wrong people… All things that had equivalents 20 years ago but now it is far easier to collate and cross reference. Its going to be a wakeup call when companies and people start connecting the dots in ways people don’t anticipate.

    I believe Apple claim they removed CarrierIQ in iOS5 – which was released before the whole CarrierIQ thing blew up. Makes me wonder what they replaced it with as I have not seen them say that they do not and will not use anything like CarrierIQ.

    Was great to hear Mike’s knowledge of CarrierIQ – he obviously knows a lot about the subject and was a good guest to have on. Worked really well and I hope you keep doing it.

    Sam still using FTP to monitor Acronis backups at work? Given people are trying to brute force (as someone will on any publicly accessible service) and FTP sends user/pass over the net in plain text have you considered upgrading to SFTP? Could even start using SSH keys so random password attempts will never work.

    Getting a logo identifiable in a QR code would be awesome, I’m sure that if you could script that a lot of people would be very interested.

    Another great show guys! Cheers for all the effort that goes into them.

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