Show #9.1 | More Keyboards than you can type on

We have Merrick back on the show for a Keyboard filled episode!  This week:

- Listener feedback
- Using a catch-all email to prevent spam
- Duke Nukem Forever!
- Our stories about the day we first learned alt+tab
Das Keyboard (blank keys)
- Sony security / PR debacle
- Follow-up to audio QR code, “Manchester Encoding” a type of “Line Code” which will allow you to have multiple 0’s or 1’s in a row no problem:
- ProBoolean in 3ds Max
- Follow-up on VIN numbers being stored in car.  “Fuse Burning” chips.  FPGA’s.
ASIC = Application Specific Integrated Circuit
- Ad-Hoc WiFi, Sam and Ben tested it


Download MP3, More Keyboards than you can type on

  • Another great podcast guys! Cheers for pimping my blog Ben – that was a nice surprise when I listened to that bit :)

    I have to agree with you on the Sony mess – Sony seems to have greatly underestimated to trouble that a large group of hackers who believe they are anonymous and immune from retaliation can cause. In any multinational company the size of Sony there will be mistakes made, systems left unpatched or weak passwords used somewhere. Sony has shown bad judgement before (Audio CD’s installing rootkits). Overall a very expensive mistake for Sony but probably one they will survive fairly easily – Most people with PS3′s are probably back playing their games and will continue to buy new ones as they don’t want to waste the money they already spent buying the console and games.

    Re keyboards: the Das keyboard is a nice idea but when I first saw it my first thought was that it is probably cheaper to buy a scouring pad and just scrub the letters off a budget keyboard :) Personally I have a Cherry Cymotion Master Linux keyboard I was lucky to get as a free gift with a magazine subscription. It only makes a small difference but given the hours I spend at my computer its a difference worth having.

    • Neal! Thanks for your continued support of our Podcast! It feels great to know that there are people out there who digg the same topics we do :D

      Your welcome for the mention to your blog! We are really into promoting our listeners, and we hope you’ll do the same for us (aka tell your friends!!) If you’d like an even better opportunity to promote your blog, you should come on the show! Consider this an official invitation to join us on the Port Forward Podcast. We record the show sunday night (10pm pacific time) using skype. If you’d like to join us, please prepare a short tutorial. The tutorial can be anything about linux or computers; something cool and interesting to share with our audience. Send an email to the official email address of the show if your interested :)

      Regarding sony, I’m glad we agree. I think sony made themselves a huge target by going after geohot, but in the end they really should have focused more on their security. Maybe Merrick has more to say on this topic :)

      Regarding Das Keyboard, im a huge fan of this keyboard to date. One thing that disappoints me about this keyboard is the lack of an ergonomic version. I’ve had wrist pain in the past due to heavy computer use, and I tend to go for the ergonomic keyboards these days. That’s cool that your using a “Linux” keyboard. I’m curious to hear what distro your using it with, and how the extra features work (or dont).

      Thanks again for listening to the show, episode 10 is in the audio production oven, and will be released soon!

      • Hi Ben,

        Sorry for being slack replying! I’ve dropped an email to your official address as you suggested. I use computers a lot but being more general IT management and maintenance than programming I’ve managed to avoid any RSI issues (touch wood). I’ve been using Mint as my desktop OS for a few years now (and XP Pro for gaming…) and after selecting the correct keyboard template most of the extra keys just work. volume, play, browser home page/forward/back/reload, calculator, email client all fine. My keyboard has 10 extra buttons I never use (5 down either side). Just tried them and can’t get them to do anything – great now you have given me something to fix! :D

        Half way through episode 10, I’ll put some comments on that podcast tomorrow when I’ve finished it. Another great episode so far though!

        • RSI is a pain! Let me tell u! I’m glad that you are staying healthy. Haha im glad i’ve given you something to do :) I only mentioned those keys because I read that users were having issues getting the “Linux” keyboard to work correctly under Linux. Also I’m a huge mint fan :)

  • When you’re inside a program in OS X, say Google Chrome. and you have lots of Google Chrome Windows open. You use Command+` (grave accent) (the key that also has tilde). And then you can “alt+tab” between windows in a program

    • Antonio,
      Thanks for this great tip. I can see this being helpful to me when I’m on my mac. I really with they had a global Most Recently Used list like windows and linux tho :/

  • No desktop icons=badass! I don’t know if you have a recycle bin. In XP (I don’t know if in Vista or 7) But there’s a registry key you can change that will make it so you don’t have ANY windows icons in the desktop. When I used to run windows (dedicated linux user for 5 years now) I used this little command line utility that you can of course also run on the run box. “nircmd” and yes you can open and close cdrom drives! also you can do everything on remote machines. I’ve done it but you have to turn on services, add firewall exceptions, and have no blank passwords, it’s a pain.

    • Very nice! I guess I didn’t mention how I turned my icons off. On Vista/7 you can simply right click on the desktop, expand view, and uncheck “Show Desktop Icons”. On windows XP this is under the option “Arrange Icons By” on the right click menu.

      Thanks for mentioning nircmd. I will take a look into this for the next show! Im glad to hear that your a dedicated linux user. I can’t seem to make the switch to a full linux desktop because of all the tools I use. I’m certainly jealous :) Thanks again for the great feedback!!

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