Show #8 | The Typing of the Dead

We bring back Merrick for coverage of the TechRaising event in Santa Cruz, CA.  Also:

- Ben’s Tech War Story about a server getting hacked / root kit installed.
- IP Firewall on iOS!
- Steve Gibson’s upgraded password scheme:
- Merrick’s review of TechRaising, highlighting speakers, ideas & 48 hours of geekery.
- iOSDevCamp 2011: This event is July 15 – 17 in San Jose, CA at the Paypal/Ebay offices.
- Audio QR Codes. Would be possible with frequency shift keying
- Things you can do with a “Snapshot” offered by Progressive auto insurance. An OBD-II device that monitors your breaking and other values as reported by your car.  Apparently does not record top speed?
- OBD-II and One time Burn in memory
- Boolean operations & welding vertices in 3dsmax!!!11
- Cracked 3dsmax at cabrillo college w/ unexplained glitches etc. Could glitches be intentional?
- Booting Windows over USB?
- Booting Acronis .TIB files in VirtualBox: 0x0000007B 0x80786B58 BSOD
- Typing of the dead.
- Why you should learn the Colemak keyboard layout,  and why it’s awesome. Switch your keyboard layout with the Master Key program.
- How much Merrick hates programming/scripting in bash.
- Maya vs 3ds Max.
- Sam’s story about applying for a job without knowing all the software.  “Do you know Avid?”
“Uuuuu ya!”
- Lol Live free or Die Hard Command Center
- How Ben’s IP got blocked from Hulu! (Could Tor be at fault?)
- Netflix error n8156-6013
Rename “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds”


Download MP3, The Typing of the Dead

  • The story of qwerty you guys told on a recent episode follows that
    told by Paul David in his artcile “Clio and the Economics of QWERTY”
    ( Stan Leibowitz and Stephen
    Margolis called bullshit on this story in their article “The Fable of
    the Keys” (

    It’s been a long time since I read these, but I think L&M’s point was
    that the small advantage gained by persons who train only on Dvorak is
    eaten up by the inconvenience of not being able to use a Pc without
    special software, and there is no advantage at all for those of us who
    must unlearn qwerty if you subtract the time we waste unlearning from
    the time we save typing slightly faster.

    As for your discussion of bash…. To a guy who has only ever used a
    hammer, everything looks like a nail. If you hand the guy a screw, he
    will think it is a pretty crappy nail. If you’re writing a bash
    script, and you are using a lot of ifs or wanting to return a function
    value, you’re that guy hammering away at a screw. There is bound to be
    a more elegant solution, but you’re blocked by your php instincts.

    The unix paradigm involves piping output from one small program to
    another, using standard input and output and modifying it, filtering
    it, or combing it as it goes. Return values are just for status- it
    found what you’re looking for, it didn’t find it, your input is
    garbage etc. The real output goes to standard out. If you learn how to
    use both the hammer and the screwdriver, you’ll know when to use each
    to it’s best advantage, as a true craftsman would.

    Thanks for an interesting show.

  • This story has an impact on password security – if virtual monkeys can generate Shakespeare in a month, how quickly can then crack your password, even with l0T5.Of:O6sCUr1tY!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    Virtual Monkeys write Shakespeare :

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