Show #5 | fml AT&T

Introducing a new podcaster, the all around powerhouse, Merrick!
This Show:
- Check hash of .ipa files for viruses
- A bit about version control
- Being family tech support guy
- samba \\sharing issues, and “nblookup”
- MobileMe to track a lost iPhone story
- Symbolic links on Linux and Windows.
- Sata 2 connectors, aka how I booted into Linux I didn’t even know I had
- Windows Home Server
- Linux developer style vs Windows
- How Merrick (+all) hates ATT

- Correction: Drobo has a battery which saves ram.  when power is lost all drives instantly shut off.  When power is restored, the memory is read for pending writes as the Drobo checks for consistency:


Download MP3, fml AT&T

  • Great podcast, you three work well together.

    To see if a jailbroken app is phoning home to the jailbreaker. Connect to your local network. Put a hub between the router and the modem. Run wireshark on a computer plugged into the hub and you should be able to view all of the packets being sent out from the jailbroken app.

  • Hey guys just want to let you guys know that I’m rocking an Android phone with T-Mobile. a G2. And it’s super awesome. My phone came standard with access to tether by usb or wifi, out-of-the-box. No rooting reqired. ALSO it came with an app Wi-Fi Calling. Where if I am connected to a Wi-Fi network I use my Network to make calls instead of 3G (HSPA). It does still use my minutes but the app runs by itself once you connect to a Wi-Fi network. Both these features are user-friendly and a great thing for T-Mobile to have. Oh and the Throttle on my tethering is my 3G gets slower after 5GB and I get a text message telling me whenever it happens

  • Hi Antonio,
    Your T-Mobile plan is enviable. Alas my iPhone is under contract with AT&T. Once my contract expires, I may look into other carriers, but I’ve heard it’s a PITA to switch.
    -Thanks for listening!

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