Show #30 | ASIC Powered Floating Island
Special guest David Sykora!
This week we talk hardware, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Asic Miners, Routers, Peace Corps and more!

Ben’s Blanket Fort:

Merrick gets upset about doors:

Ben and David's Robot!!

Ben’s video with stolen robot parts. (there’s also another video on that same channel)

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  • FYI: I use google reader with the RSS feed. I get notified when a new show is posted. I then click on the link (on my Android) to get to the web site where I am able to right-click-download the mp3 file.

    I listen to the podcasts when I have free time. Right now they are perfect to listen to as I fly back home.

    Keep up the hard work! I enjoy listening to them… Even if the podcast internet connection sucks.

    • Lol, so no podcast client either. What is the world comming to!? Haha I’m glad you have a system. I suppose if it would be any podcast with the most varied and custom ways of downloading amongst listeners it would be mine.

  • As always, amazing show! I was all out of things to listen to while pretending to work… you guys saved my day!

    Now quick! Put out another episode so I don’t have to actually do work today! ;-P

  • Can you give me a link to your guests github. I wanna see this bitbot :)

    • Hey Michael,
      Thanks for the interest! You can find the project here:
      BitBot Crypto Trader

      It’s still under development, but once it’s in a working state I’ll put up some instructions on how to get it up and running so you can play with it yourself. Hopefully that will be soon!

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