Show #29 | Glitches In Sam’s Homeless Matrix

Show Notes:
This week we talk BitCoin, QuadCopters, Tech Company subpoena woes, and good office culture. Also there is a major glitch in Sam’s Matrix:

Music: Orkidea – Unity (Solarstone Pure Mix)

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  • OMG! It feels like forever! Downloading this episode right meow!

  • Ben, don’t under-estimate your renting options! When talking about doing data migrations from one system to another, etc, don’t forget you can always rent an external hard drive from Fry’s! I rent all the time! I’ll go in and “pay” for the external, use it, then return it a few days later and tell them it “just didn’t work right”. Never had a problem… ethical? I’ll let you be the judge… lol

    • Also, I’ve successfully cloned an old data set over onto a fresh raid array… from no raid single disk over to a new raid 10 setup (any raid level should work). I’ve even gone from raid 1, cloned to single disk, then cloned back to new raid 1 with much larger drives. Worked like a charm! CloneZilla is great, and if you can get your hands on a copy of miniPE-xt (windows PE boot disk with a bunch of utilities built in), you can use Ghost 11. Both will get the job done well.

    • lol, “renting options” awesome! oh & we just finished recording 30 so it should show up this weekend if Ben has the time.

  • Hi Guys! Another great po

    Podcast even if you did have some connecti

    Connection issues….

    Surprised you did not look at the connection details in Skype and see how many packets were being dropped etc. Can I issue a challenge for a future podcast: Try to get through with no dropped packets at all!

    Good that you are dogfooding and buying the products you talk about although given time since last podcast we have experienced the heat death of the universe 3 times over. Civilizations have risen and fallen. OK maybe a bit over dramatic but would truly love to have more of these podcasts! :D

    Passwords are well past their use by date. We are basically trying to use something that computers are better at than humans to prove which human we are. I personally love the Yubikey solution by Yubico, their new Neo Yubikey also works via NFC and is a virtual GPG smart card.

    I was very unsure about the mains power Ethernet plugs however decided to get a few when I moved house last year and they have been fantastic. Just remember that they turn the power cables into a hub not a switch so the more you connect the slower they get if all in use at the same time.

    I’m also loving the price of Bitcoins although not 100% confident we are not headed for another crash. I’m planning to keep mine long term though so will probably see a few more crashes before I cash in. I’m wondering if the ASIC miners are the cause of the current price hike – lots of people see the ASIC’s coming and have to either buy bitcoins or accept they are unlikely to ever get any more as they will not be able to mine soon. On the plus side the ASIC’s put mining bitcoins well out of the scope of any botnets which had me worried early on – a massive botnet set to only generate blocks that did not include specific bitcoin transactions could in theory work as a denial of service attack if they controlled a significant percentage of the processing power of the network. Now you would need to own a significant number of ASIC miners to have the same effect which puts this attack out of reach of almost everyone.

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next PFP! Hope you all get your internet and computer problems resolved by then!


    • I totally didn’t get the beginning of your comment till I read it the second time, then I lol’d

      Glad it’s still enjoyable!

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