Show #27 | CPU_SLOW

We bring you the latest buzz surrounding node.js and some history. Also the WebStorm editor which works great with node!

  • Special thanks to David Sykora for redesigning our site!
  • Tool: also get the node.js plugin.
  • Ben hacks objective c iOS display code for iPhone 5
  • Sam recomends Battery Case:
  • Node.js
  • Ben recording with iPhone5 and has trouble again
  • Merrick talks about node.js including: The conception of node by Ryan Dahl (creator of NodeJS):
  • NODE: What first got Ryan excited about server side stuff was him seeing his first upload progress bar, he was like WTFOMGBBQ.
  • NODE: Ryan’s first ever demo was presenting his early version of node running a IRC server at JSConf in Berlin, the demo gods taunted him, and he considered fleeing, but also got lucky, and had demo win, people in the audience connected to his simple server, were chatting and then saw it was all from the 400 lines of JS running server-side.
  • NODE: Joyent (PaaS, IaaS) was in the audience and was like hey we want to build out our infrastructure on this, and Ryan was like well you prob shouldn’t… & they were like, no come to work for us, we’ll pay you to build it.
  • EC2 AMI for Merrick’s Node dev server (AMI: ubuntu/images/ebs/ubuntu-precise-12.04-amd64-server-20121001 (ami-3d4ff254))
  • Node dev server setup walkthrough coming next show!
  • Non blocking on iOS and in general (scheduling) (Blocks)
  • Cloud 9 IDE runs on node.js
  • Indie game the movie
  • Humble Indie Bundle
  • Fez gaming demo
  • Cube World Demo
  • Sam rants against windows 8 after reviewing with a laptop from the stoneage.
  • Sam’s horrible skype flags: CPU_SLOW CALL_BW_LOW
  • Microsoft Is Fast Turning Into A Sideshow
  • US Military spends $617 on Windows 8
  • Epic router: Dark Knight
  • Indie Devs Google +

Recorded on January 12th, 2013.
Tripple O.G. Nerd
Music: Omnia, Ira – The Fusion (Original Mix)

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  • Note that, custom firmwares, such as dd-wrt and alike, do run on hardware other than cisco’s WRT-54G/GL.

    • Good point! I vaguely remember trying to mention this when we we’re discussing it, but ADD probably happened!

      • Actually to be specific, Merrick said it ran on more than one kind and I interrupted him and announced that the WRT-54G/GL was the only option!

    • give PFSense a try too… its a FreeBSD box, but comes in the form of an appliance so you dont ‘have to fiddle with it… just download the iso, insteall and your good to go. I think they have a VMWare image and possibly a .xva for XenServer now too… it will do just about everything!

  • Interesting to hear about node.js, both its advantages and also where it came from. Merrick has obviously taken a lot of time to look into it.

    Personally I’m avoiding Windows 8 for the time being – Microsoft might be able to polish it into a workable system for business users but until they do Windows 7 (and apart from lack of security updates in a years time Windows XP) seem like better systems for just getting stuff done!

    • I cold turkey formatted my win7 box and jumped into win8… mostly because I had a couple clients get win8 machines lately and I found myself poking around just to figure out how to use the darn thing! I don’t do computer repair by trade, i’m a Sys Admin/ Biz Dev so I usually am one of the last people to jump to the latest windows os (unless forced to for the latest DirectX for gaming… hehe) … but I have to say… the more I use win8, the more I like it. The new Tast Manager is awesome, the file transfer box wtih the transfer speed graph is sweet, down to the fonts M$ used… they are simply really aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes. The colors are quite nice too (i know, very technical here!) — I find the performance of the OS to be better than win7… boot times are quicker for me (compared to fresh install of win7 on same hardware). I did find the jumping between the “Metro UI” and the desktop to be strange at first, but once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t really a problem. I love how quick it can switch apps back and forth… almost like a mobile phone can… (i think thats what they were going for at least)… Only thing that bothered me during the install was when it asked for my permission to be tracked by the OS and pass my location to Apps… I must of sat on that page for a good 15 minutes… why does a Desktop OS need my location? But in the end I ended up enabling it since I don’t plan on doing anything nefarious from my desktop nor will it ever move location… so why not? When I first booted in, i was greeted with the weather in my city and the correct time synced by NTP… nice touch… no user config required…

      With all this said, I wouldn’t dare install it on any of the machines in my biz office or warehouse where I work… my god, simply moving an icon freaks my users out! In due time, people will get used to win8, as there really is no looking back at this point… My guess is win9 will be much wider accepted… there is a trend that just about every other OS from M$ people hate, often without ever even trying it out… this is usually due to radical changes/updates to the OS… like when Vista came out everyone freaked, really for no good reason. Vista with SP1+ was quite usable and actually quite nice (until win7 came out)…But people buy into the hype and didn’t even give it a shot.. .i see the same happening with win8… unfortunately….

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