Show #26 | Whisper Tap

This week Ben and Merrick interview Michael Dominic and ask him all the hard questions.

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  • Finally got a chance to catch up with some of my listening! Good episode!

    I’m a strong believer in self taught (with real world experience) being better than formal education, mainly because someone who has learnt things on their own has proved they can adapt and expand as new challenges come along. I may be biased though both because I have very little formal IT education myself (degree in Physics) and because I have always worked in very general purpose roles dealing with everything from end user support to Virtual server infrastructure so an ability to learn new things fast has been very helpful. That said I’m always wishing I knew a subject more thoroughly which is a big benefit of formal education.

    I’ll check out direct connecting with Skype next time I use it – I never need perfect call quality but have had problems before and now I know the UDP ports to open for a direct connection I might as well dig in and see if I can get it sorted. I wonder if opening the ports will allow other skype users to use my client as a relay in their calls or only calls I’m involved in?

    Re turning off the internet to get a faster web browser – I prefer to save the sites I visit often in a folder in chrome’s bookmarks. Then I open a new tab, right click on the folder (top of the window before you load any web page in the tab) and select “open all bookmarks”. This then loads them all at the same time and by having one folder for work sites, another folder for tech news, etc I can choose to load a batch of pages easily and only leave pages I have found but not read open when I close chrome so they pop up first next time I start the browser.

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