Show #24 | JoynMe Launch Party

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This week Ben, Merrick and all of you awesome people out there rock out at the JoynMe Launch party! If you have an iPhone, download the app!
an application that makes it easier to get people together for spontaneous activities.

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  • Great to have another podcast out guys & congratulations on the launch party for JoynMe. Sounds like you had fun!

    Ben, I feel the same way about reinstalling servers – it feels like you are admitting defeat with whatever technical problem besets you. Sometimes a wipe and reinstall is the best way to stay sane! :)

    I’m surprised you do your VM migrations with dd – is that not a bit wasteful on bandwidth? Although if you are using Amazons fast connections and the bandwidth charges are not too high then it may well be better than spending time working out a “better” way with marginal improvements.

    Not sure if its just me but the “Post comment” button seems to be broken (tried in Chrome and Firefox under Linux). Editing the form to try and get it working…

    Looking forward to the next podcast.


  • Yay! I fixed your form! OK it was not too hard…

    Change this line:

    To read:

    Must be a problem with the btn-small class?

    • Doh! Need a preview or I should pay more attention in html class… I tried to mark that as code but obviously I can’t be trusted with HTML.

      Search for “btn-small” in the source and add ‘type=”submit” ‘ to that line.

      Might explain the lack of comments since the theme update – maybe you do have more than 13 listeners!

  • My bad! Pretty embarrassing oversight. Should be fixed now. Thanks Neal for the heads up and figuring out exactly what the problem was! You’re awesome!

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