Show #23 | Google Dart Hackathon

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This week Ben and “The Original Chris” go to the Google Dart Hackathon!  #DartHack

  • Thanks for coming to the hackathon! One clarification: only the dart-to-javascript compiler is written in Dart. The Dart VM is written in C.

  • Awesome! Thanks for the clarification here. Can you tell me more about the DartVM bootstrapping process?

  • Hey guys! Another good podcast – started a bit slow but after you noticed the girls things woke up. Or maybe that was because of Ben’s driving… :)

    Moon breakers is another good example of a game played in a (chrome) browser, full 3d space combat. Its impressive what web browsers are capable of these days.

    I would not have expected you to use flat file DB for your system Ben – but then I deal more with systems that have already been developed and released. I guess it allows you to prototype and change really quickly which helps with a new start-up full of fresh ideas. If you later want to normalize your database and apply indexes etc you will have a lot of exceptions to work through though – especially given how much you are logging!

    Keep the podcasts coming, they make my drive to/from work pass a lot more quickly and its interesting to hear about the challenges you face and the tools & techniques you use to solve them. It sounds like Dart is something to keep an eye on!


  • Hey Neal,
    Thanks for the comments. I didn’t really cover CouchDB much in the podcast, but Couch lets you define map reduce views. These views can be thought of as indexes into your data. You can choose a key/value for some (or all) rows in the database, and then later it’s really fast to retrieve these key/values. You can also sort and limit the values of they key when you request the data.

    Maybe I’ll get the guys together and do a full CouchDB review. I also want to make a blog post about how we are using it to log all network traffic. Stay tuned!

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