Show #21 | Trip to Vegas

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Ben and Merrick take the portable recorder with them on their trip to Vegas!! This trip and podcast was powered by’s new API. Please check them out: gambling api helps your startup win big!

Topics covered:

  • has a new API blog and API Login for their awesome gambling platform. Check it out!
  • We cover second dinner and why it was so good
  • We catch up with Merrick’s hardcore MySQL work and Ben’s thoughts on logging an api
  • We find a QR Code in a suspicious place
  • There may have even been some coding going on in the hotel!
  • Thanks again to for making this possible!

  • OK so 2 and a half months between the last podcast talking about Suicide Linux and this one… which one of you tried to run Suicide Linux on your main box and lost everything? Glad to see a new post, downloading now! :)

    • I tried suicide linux but not on my main box. It would have been a disaster. I think the real challenge here is a hackathon with a suicide linux box. now that would be amazing!

  • Or a podcast with all of you running Suicide Linux and trying to explain to each other a specific cool command line tool… Might be a short podca…<<< ~¬%&$(!!!
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    Connection terminated.

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