Show #20 | Put Your Node.js V8 Hash Tables in my Ear-Hole

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Next in our interview series, we speak with special guest Josh Gillies (@JoshGillies).


  • Mixes by @e_knudsen:
  • @keeganjacobson you guys are awesome! He runs ubuntu 11.10 has a nexus and test drives CM9


  • Great podcasts “Mates”!

    • You mean Adreamsoft PDF to Word? it’s rlaely free but the quality is not good enough. No bad, as a free PDF to Word converter!

  • Another great podcast guys with an excellent guest! What are you going to do to top someone from the other side of the planet AND from the future?

    Arch Linux sounds very interesting. I ran Gentoo for about 6 months and like Josh says with Arch it was an amazing learning experience – however I spent far more time keeping the system working than actually using it. Overall my favourite distro is Debian but I’ve been lazy for the last couple of years and have been using Mint at home. Debian is definitely still my preferred distro for servers.

    With open source software anyone can stumble on a bug at any time just by working on the project. With proprietary software the only people with the source code are either the company developing it or hackers – fewer people to find the bugs but a far higher percentage will be inclined to use anything they do find maliciously and less chance of warning before a zero day exploit goes wild.

    • I also ran gentoo for awhile. Some kid told me it was the “bleeding edge” and how amazing it was. Every emerge I broke something! The experience with gentoo has carried over (a little) to my other attempts at desktop Linux as well. I fully agree that there is a danger of spending more time fixing stuff than actually using the computer. This is why I’m a linux in the server kind of guy. If I ran linux on my desktop AND server it would be a nightmare to fix one or the other if both were down!

      Thanks for reinforcing the opensource vs closed argument. More eyeballs also means more changes of a white-hat person taking the right action when bugs are found… just don’t let Merrick in the group or your credit card will be sold to china for sure!

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