Show #18 | Stop Chewing on My Electric

Download MP3: Stop Chewing on My Electric

Sam’s new service:

& why we need it
XKCD Comic 949

ATM side-channel attack contributed by our favorite listener Neal:

Catch-up on our life doings, Merrick: Drupal 7, Sam: Motion Graphics, Ben: JavaBeans & JSP (Java Server Pages).

Merrick was confused about the Das Keyboard being able to switch layouts & having a trainer (internal to the keyboard), if you know of a keyboard that can do this please email us at @packets

Sam tells us about his new GSpot:

Ben’s Asus Eee PC SSD upgrade debacle (ram easy, hard drive hard)

The dreaded SSD “write cliff”:

Ben’s thumb drive ISO boot adventure:

Bunny! Stop Chewing on My Electric!

  • Confession: I use IE at work. one of the systems we use runs on ActiveX. I have tried to point out how bad this is but unfortunatly there are only 3-4 service providers in that market segment and the others are no better. For everything else I use Chrome.

    I also run Vista at home! Erm. I’m not doing much for my credibility here am I? In my defence I spend 90% of my time in Linux and only boot to Vista to play games that will not run on Linux.

    I can sympathise with bunny’s eating power cables – I lost two Wii nunchuks to a rabbit before I realised that he thought they were the tastiest thing ever and was actually trying to find them. I’ve somehow managed to avoid getting a shock myself but since we run at 230V here that is probably a good thing. :)

    I’ll be trying Yumi, looks like a very useful tool. Also given that I have only just listened to your 30th Nov Podcast I can definitely agree that kids can be a bit of a handful! Very rewarding but you can forget half of the things you did before you had them – including having time to find a replacement for an MP3 player that suddenly went very hot…

    Another great podcast guys, I hope to catch up with the next one soon! A guest talking about CarrierIQ sounds very interesting…

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