Show #17 | Coded Hard & Put Away Wet (& numb)

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We finally did another show! Sorry for the break we hope to record bi-monthly from now on! In this fantabulous episode we achieve both an ADD & distraction depth.

Ben hacking under ice-water!

Thanks again Peter for the awesome donation!

  • Yay! I was getting worried – especially when started timing out a few days ago! Sounds like you have all been more than a little bit busy. Big congrats to Merrick and Sam on the new job/certification. I’m sure you will both do well and look forward to hearing how you get on.

    Ben I hope your hands have thawed out after the sub zero coding – it definitely sounds like a fun challenge. You mentioning that the touch pad stopped recognising your finger reminded me of this sidechannel with ATM machines – Not quite sure how my brain made that leap – or even if you have already mentioned it on a previous podcast, apologies if you have. I’ve been resting my fingers on a couple of non-pin buttons while waiting for my cash since reading that – even though the odds of it actually being used in the real world are probably vanishingly small. Is this paranoia?

    Not quite a side channel but something many places do not recognise is that those RFID security tag readers on the wall for access to business premises often have a normal network cable going in the back. Its often possible to just break one off a wall and you have the network cable for an internal network exposed. Sometimes trying to add modern security misses the basics. This can be secured with a dedicated subnet / monitoring of devices / security cameras if people think of it.

    RAM Cloud sounds like a very cool idea – although completely out of budget for most applications. Just the speed improvement of something like Puppy Linux which loads completely into RAM can give a good feel for the kind of performance difference vs normal hdd’s.

    I got the Airplane reference Ben – maybe you need an inflatable auto pilot on the show to help out? :) Not sure about the idea of a bucket of beer with keyboard and the option to drink your way out – given some of the crud that ends up inside your average keyboard.

    I’m definitely adding the term “Network architect” to my C.V. tonight – last time I needed a C.V. it did not apply, but it certainly does now. :)

    I’ve added my email for – spent ages flicking through the podcast trying to find you talking about it, can you add a link in the show notes for other listeners to find it easily? Not easy to make notes when driving :)

    Looking forward to the next instalment in 2 weeks, thanks for another great podcast guys!

  • Neal,
    Thanks for your comment. I won’t reply to some parts because we have already addressed this comment in #18 (un-aired).

    I would say no, you are not paranoid. Forming good habits at plastic ATM’s is a great way to prevent your money from getting stolen. Fraudsters usually go for the lowest hanging fruit, so if you heat all the pads, they will probably ignore your pin.

    I like your point about getting on the internal network using an external rfid reader. This thought had not crossed my mind. This reminds me of a story that Kevin Mitnick tells in his book “The Art of Deception”. A business man enters a business and tells the secretary that he has a meeting, but that he has arrived early. He asks if he can use a conference room to get internet access. Even though she leads him to the public conference room, the ethernet jack gives him access to the internal network. He is able to perform his exploit and leave without being seen!

    Yes! Neal! I’m so glad you got the airplane reference. I just listened all the way through the episode so I could remember the context of the airplane reference and respond to your comment here. I’m glad that you and I understand the 4th wall and the importance that airplane plays.

    With that being said, we’ll see you next time Neal! Thanks again!

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