Show #16 | NoSqlCamp UnConference

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The gang goes to the NoSqlCamp 2011, and we meet … a girl!


  • My sympathies to Cherry – especially with Merrick in the room… I also love her reason for not wanting to upgrade “its pink” – you just can’t argue with that! :)

    Keepass is great for less important situations. Most of my passwords are generated on the fly using a rule – eg “H1gH1ySecur3#” followed by the 3rd letter of the domain name in uppercase, the number of letters in the domain name, a ! if its a financial site or a * otherwise, then the last 3 letters of the domain name. The first part I use in every password so I use it all time and therefore remember it. The rest always follows the same pattern so if I forget a password it only takes 10 seconds of looking at the domain name and mumbling under my breath to work it out. This falls down with sites that don’t allow special characters or have other silly restrictions which is where Keepass comes in very handy especially as it runs on Windows & Linux so I can keep the database in Dropbox and call it up whenever I need to. Oh and no – that is not the actual rule I use…

    VMWare charging is per physical CPU when you get to the higher end offerings. The lower end has the VMWare Essentials bundle which allows 3 servers with up to 2 CPU per server. No limits on the number of cores per CPU or the speed of the CPU and this is all “real” hardware – you can run as many virtual machines as you want on that I think (of course run too many and it will grind…) Also ESXi has a completely free version which does not have some of the more advanced features and can’t create clusters, support moving VM’s while they are still running etc. An excellent podcast on this can be found here :D that is out of date now though – VMWare have released version 5 which changed the licensing a bit. I’d like to play with Xen at some point as I think you are right that it gives you more in the free version and moving VM’s between one system and another is pretty easy. Something I’ll look at when my current VMWare subscription is up for renewal in a year and a bit.

    I’m sure there was something else I wanted to comment on. Bad side of listening to podcasts while driving to/from work is that its hard to remember all the cool subjects you have covered. Especially when I listened to the last two before commenting!

    Looking forward to the next one guys (& Girl unless she manages to escape).


    • THANKS!!! hahaha good times :)

  • Check this website out:

    Its an HTML5 page that allows you to put in any wikipedia topic/page, and it will crawl the first link on every subsequent page until it reaches the “Philosophy” page. Very funny to watch it graphically… oh wikipedia!

    • Actually… try multiple searches on that website, it will also show you have all the topics are related in the giant wikipedia web. nice!

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