Show #15 | Is it time to start(up)?

  • Blimey! Turn my back for 2 seconds (well OK 2 weeks) and you get 2 podcasts out! hope this is a sign of the future! :)

    I think Ben is showing off now – the hackathons might start banning him from entering the competitions if he never lets anyone else win!I look forward to hearing what you get up to with your epic Dropboxes!

    The new direction of the podcast should be interesting – its obviously something you are all into (essential ingredient number 1!). Also startups – especially if you lot are involved – are more likely to try out new and interesting ideas/technologies.

    You mentioning microscopic systems etched on silicon for detecting the attractive force of the earths gravity reminded me on miniature generators I read about a few years back. I could not find the one I was thinking of but a slightly larger version is here: – not to practical for powering your mobile phone but could be useful in many situations where noise & heat are not such a big issue.

  • Guys, this show was awesome.
    I just now got to listening to it.
    I think everyone is more busy at this time of the year.
    I got mid-terms and the like.
    But I got my friend, who’s got a real job as a programmer, to start listening to this show too. WOOHOO!
    The relaxed atmosphere and the fact that you guys are young and in the middle of it all, is what we both liked. I don’t think you guys offended anyone. Everything you guys do brings character to the show. This is what more podcasts should be like.

    I can’t wait to listen to #16 and I have been noticing that the podcasts are becoming shorter. I think the length was one of the main problems it had when I tried to introduce it to people. I mean, personally. I don’t care and listened to all of them.

    But I remember that 3 hour one was pretty crazy

    • Haha 24 steps!? That’s pretty cool. It has been suggested that I rework my web crawler to solve for the longest chain of the Wikipedia Game. (It was also suggested that I take this knowledge to hack-a-thons, and introduce the game to my competitors. Because they start on the longest page, they spend 15 mins clicking…time I can use to pull ahead and win!)

      Thanks for your complements on my web crawler!! I don’t know if you’ve seen the video, here it is:

      Thanks for your comments :)

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