Show #13 | This may break your iThing

iOSDevCamp coverage, recorded July 25, 2011

Official Website:
- 4Sight:
- Real Money Slots:
- Mashboard
- RMS used for icons
- Google+ and why it’s so much better than Facebook

Bitcoin Cents:
- Neal mentions: The attacks we covered last week are “Probably not a problem” according to this wiki page

- Fail depth is level 2 :)


Download MP3, This may break your iThing

  • Great coverage of iphonedevcamp, especially interesting to hear about the new trends you saw. Also good work on Real Money Slots, congrats!

    Social networks – I’m not on any yet (except a minimal Linkedin account) – Google + is the first one that has the right sense of privacy about it – I actually trust them to “not be evil” for some reason. Facebook just felt like I would be broadcasting everything to the world and I can’t see my family following my posts if I always post about tech stuff or tech people following my posts about my son. Unfortunately I use Google Apps which can’t join plus yet. Typical – first social network I want to join and I can’t…

    Interesting use of git is Sparkleshare ( – an open source system like Dropbox which uses a git server to host all the files. Not convinced that git is a suitable choice for dealing with *very* large collections of files but will be interesting to keep an eye on it. An interesting alternative to hosted file sharing/storage/backup for companies with remote workers at a much nicer price point than Dropbox or the like.

    Distraction Depth is a great idea – Just the fact you mention it when you get to depth > 2 shows you are keeping track of your tangents and you will be getting back to whatever you were talking about. The distractions are often extremely interesting/useful nuggets of information.

    You mentioned Bitcoin using the key that coins were sent to when it send those coins onwards. It also sends the “change” from that address to a new address from your own wallet. This has an effect on how often you should backup your wallet files – I covered this on my blog a short while ago but basically you should back up your wallet before you complete 100 transactions (both sending and receiving money if you use the fresh key every time you receive money) or you risk loosing chunks of your Bitcoins.

    Oh and I just dropped a Bitcoin to your donation address – got to check its working! :) Although it looks like you were testing yourself with payments of 0.05 and 0.02 BTC at the end of June… Bitcoin is only anonymous until someone knows one of your public keys, then it can start to unravel and become very public. It will be interesting to see what happens when a “stolen” bitcoin ends up in a wallet with a known person behind it – will the original owner be able to sue to get his property back?

  • DUDE all of ya’ll should drink Code Red and do another podcast!

  • Antonio!
    Thanks for your enthusiasm! My PC is down for hardware maintence right now which has prevented me from releasing episode #14. Fear not we are still here!

    Ps: Code Red is awful, we drink redbull.

    If you want more direct communications with us, you can follow us on twitter! Lots of cool linux stuff posted up there. Also feel free to send us messages with stories you would like us to discuss:!/portfwdpodcast

    Stay tuned, the next show is on it’s way!

  • I think the Java joke is “Write Once… Debug Everywhere”. lol… as a java dev myself, i’ve heard this before in flame wars with other devs lol.

    • Flame Wars!! Lol thanks for helping me with my joke!

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