Show #11 | Almost Bitcoin

We have our first listener call-in over Skype to discuss VMWare ESXi in this weeks episode:
- What is the Cryptographic function hash()  ?
- What is the Mathematical operator mod()  ?
- Listener Feedback:  Antonio, Neal, Mike Shaw
- PSExec and features:
+ Scripting an exe to always open w/ a set affinity
+ Files by default are placed in \windows\system32, can be moved via commandline
+ Remotely start/stop services
+ Discuss pushing a ‘servlet’ in forensics (EnCase FIM/EE)
- Side topic into movies non realistic image “enhancement” :
+ Enhance Super troopers:
+ Red dwarf Uncrop:
+ Hilarious enhance montage:
- Merick’s review of Ecco the dolphin guy. Also a bit about how we were huge fanboys for consoles we loved

=== Interview with Neal from covering VMWare ===
What is VMWare (ESX / ESXi / ESX embedded). From a small business perspective. What is possible with the free version, what are the benefits of getting the cheapest paid version, hardware required, storage options, logins, back up options etc.
Comparison of VMWare versions:

VMWare supported hardware
- Veeam
- Ben compares XenServer to VMWare
- WINSXS server
- Revisit Side Channels:
+ Blinking LED’s (Neil)
+ Van Eck Phreaking
+ Acoustic:
===== We say Goodbye to Neal =====

- Please Visit Neal’s Blog:

- How we record the Podcast, and what “triple ending” means
- XenServer intellicache. (page 21) of the pdf.
- xenserver desktop, ‘thinclients’



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  • Another great podcast (although I might be a bit biased…), thanks for having me on. Has Merick taken the plunge with virtualisation yet?

    For managing services on another computer you could “right click -> manage” on my computer then select “connect to another computer” from the Action menu. Not as flexible as psexec but has a nice GUI and lets you do other stuff like look at the event viewer, manage local user accounts and check what hardware is installed in device manager. psexec is far more powerful and flexible if you know the syntax to use.

    Your tinyurl link for thin clients seems to point at a google products search for servers – was that what you intended?

    Are you going to use some of your Bitcoin donations to buy a copy of Echo the Dolphin? :)

  • Hi Neal!

    I agree with your assessment of the podcast… lol. Thanks again for coming on the show, we had a great time. I have not jumped into virtualization yet, but am definitely still curious. I checked out the link you mentioned & I’m not sure if that link was for thin clients, or just something else we mentioned towards the end of the show.

    I’m not sure if we have any Bitcoin donations yet; I can’t imagine what kind of madness would drive me to playing Ecco, however I do look forward to replaying Jungle Strike (& maybe the sequels/prequels) one day!

  • Thanks for pointing out the incorrect link Neal. I try to tinyurl some of the longer URL’s we get on the show. Somehow I got that one wrong. I’ve updated the link in the show notes to the correct one here:

  • For anyone interested VMWare has just (yesterday) released version 5 of their product lineup! Details of the changes here:

    Just when I had all my virtualisation sorted I get a batch up upgrades to test, work out what new features I need, how to set it up for my servers. I hate this upgrade treadmil it never… Oooh it supports 3d graphics for Aero in Windows! Shiny! :)

    Seriously though it looks like a few decent improvements to the storage speed, virtual machines can now support USB3 devices, OS X is supported, you can now run the vSphere management software inside a linux based virtual appliance and there is a web based management client (before the web interface was pretty basic compared to the installable client program). Lots of new features to experiment with and see if they live up to the sales hype.

  • Great episode! Really fun with an interview. I don’t know much about virtualisation, but it sounded really interesting.

    • Daniel – glad you enjoyed the episode! Virtualization can help you get a lot more out of a single machine — I noticed over on your blog that you’re pretty interested in encryption. Are you a systems administrator? What do you do in the IT realm?

  • im curious if you have tried using the Drobo as an iSCSI device (SAN) for your Xenserver Ben. — I’ve used openfiler in a DRDB cluster service iSCSI over gigabit ethernet for a couple vmware esx boxes for work before, but now i prefer Xenserver and wonder how something like a drobo would hold up in a similar config?

    • Snake, I don’t think that Drobo supports iSCSI in the model I was I using. The next level up in price totally does support it, and I wish we had taken that price hit. I’m happy to say I no longer manage that hardware anymore!

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