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  • How can I donate money to your podcast. There is nothing out there like it. I really appreciate it. Not saying I can give $$$, but my little bit may help out. Shit my offer of time maybe better and more valuable then my donation.

    On the regular I also scout out web news/gadgets/how-tos/pretty much anything which catches my eye and save the links. If there is a particular subject I could keep an eye out for you guys; I could help out with that.

    Also have an idea for a part of the show. VMs installed and running completely in RAM. There are so many angles here for your show. Especially security wise.

    Found this on Reddit. highlighted some good parts:

    “So, I decided to put my entire OS in ram. Results?” : hardware

    • Mike! We’re glad you found & enjoyed the show! Your perfectly timed comment has motivated Ben to get the PayPal donate button implemented. In addition we’re going to give a brief rundown of BitCoin in an upcoming show. Good work on the VM’s in RAM, my mindgrapes are lovin it. Definitely keep an eye out for stuff of the same caliber and keep the comments coming too! Thanks!

    • Mike, thanks for your kind words! I have been listening to tech podcasts for years and I was never able to find a podcast that filled all of my needs. So I decided to create the Port Forward Podcast with a mix of cool topics and programming tutorials.

      Thank you for your offer to donate time / money to our podcast. I have made a donations page at your request :) As far as donating time I would love to hear about the cool stories that you scout out on the net. Maybe you could post anything you find in the comments for the most recent show? If you think that we should have a listeners submission page I can also make one of those. If you have any photoshop, html, or css skills we could also use those here at PortForward. I am considering installing a forum but I don’t know if it would get used. If we go this route will definitely ask for help with moderators.

      Thanks for the story and for highlighting key comments by users. I think that running a vm 100% from ram is a pretty cool idea. I have recently been playing with XenServer’s Intellicache feature:

      This allows you select a local fast disk for caching reads and writes to a slower network attached storage. This technology can also be used with RAMdisks to really increase reads and writes. The nice part about Intellicache is that you don’t have to worry about moving VM’s in and out of your special RAMdisk. Also when you shut the VM down, all of the pending writes are flushed back to the underlying storage. We will discuss Intellicache in an upcomming episode, and I will make sure to mention your post.

      Thanks for listening! Reading comments like these helps keep me excited about all the stuff were doing here at PortForward! :)

  • Hi!

    After listening to Ben’s cameo on the Linux Action Show, I headed to Google to search for your podcasts, and honestly, they are awesome!

    They being 2 hours long, each, they are perfect for my commutes, or my 12-hour shifts at work (6pm to 6am). I’m on Monterrey, Mexico, working as Mainframe Console Operator, helping take care of 180+ LPARs, with mainframes spread out across different datacenters in the US and Europe, with teams in different countries (US, Mexico, India, Malasia) watching over them simultaneously. :-O

    Of course, I also build personal computers for me and others. I’ve been a proud Linux user at home for years (more specifically a PCLinuxOS user), and of course, I’m also a Windows gamer.

    So yes, my IT interest goes deep, same as with all of you. It’s refreshing to listen to a group of talented guys talking about things that interest me so much. Keep up the excellent work! I already look forward to the 100th podcast!

    Greg Holguin

    • Greg,
      Thanks for your awesome feedback. One of the reasons that I shared my war story on Tech Snap was to invite technical people such as yourself to check out our great new podcast. We try to look at IT stories and technology from a programmers perspective. Our goal is to educate, generate interest, and just have fun! Thank you for your feedback on the 2 hour show length. We are unsure of what time to aim for :)

      I’m impressed that your managing so many LPARs! It sounds like quite the operation. If you are able to share details we would love to have you on the show as a guest. The format will be similar to our interview with Neal on our almost bitcoin show (#11). If you would like to take up this offer, please sent an email to the official show email address, shown above. We will contact you and setup a time that works for all of us. It would also be cool to hear from a Linux user who games on windows. Aka if you dual boot and how you share files between the operating systems.

      Thanks again for your compliments! Stay tuned :D

    • Greg! Thanks for the excellent feedback! Good to hear that you like the shows long. We randomly discussed that last night on the show we recorded (should be released soon).

      Consider Ben’s offer, we’d love to hear more about your operation & the interesting stuff that relates!

      In the mean time, thanks again & keep the feedback coming.

  • Hi
    Think this will be right up my street.
    However I’m having great trouble getting a download to work – managed only one podcast episode so far – subscribing via iTunes. Is there a mirror or any other way?

    • Andy,
      Thanks for your interest in the show. At the bottom of the show notes is a download link. For instance the most recent download link looks like this: Download MP3, My Bitcoin brings all the girls to the yard. I may move these links to the top of the show notes to make them more accessible.

      Can you please describe the problem you are having in iTunes? Most people use iTunes and other RSS readers (podcatchers) , to listen to the show. It’s very important to us that all of these mechanisms are working correctly. If you have an iPhone, I recommend the “RSSRadio Lite” application. For android I recommend the “AudioPress” application. Please ask any questions on this page, or send them to the official show email (above) if you are having any further issues. Thanks for your feedback!!


  • Another episode is finally out! About time guys, I’ve been visiting the site every night, hoping in vain to get a new one.

    I’d love to take your offer to come on your show, but unfortunately, I’m about to move to my GF’s, and already cancelled my internet/cableTV/landline at home, and she lives in a neighborhood so new, they have no service there yet with any of the local ISPs. To make matters worse, I only have a dumbphone, and at work it’d be impossible. And having me on a text only chat, I think, is an unatractive option. So I’ll take your offer, just not yet.

    Have you noticed, that Sam’s voice is identical to that of… what’s his name? The guy from the Green Hornet.. Googlling… Seth Rogen? So whenever I hear your podcast, I keep a mental picture of that actor, speaking. Sorry Sam!

    Had some good laughs in the last episodes when you mentioned the kid who went into a tantrum for his Echo the Dolphin game… I’m 44, and I still swear like a sailor when things don’t go my way, game-wise or not. LOL

    We’re here currently going though some layoffs, with more waves of layoffs coming every week for a few more weeks. We’ve lost 40% of the workforce so far this year… ;-(

    Rushing to listen to Show #13…

  • Saw this and thought of the podcast where Ben dreams about digging up his old “Game of Life” code to accomplish QR Code Art.

    Keep the awesome shows coming!

  • I think Ben would get a kick out of this one:
    Slowest Linux PC Ever

    Instead of Ubuntu they should be loading suicide linux!

    We’re all waiting for the next cast!

  • What is your twitter name again?

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    • Ugh! The annoying thing is I remember reading about some keyboard that did have some kind of awesome internal training feature, I think… lol

      But I can’t remember!

      In unrelated news I’m also about to sober up, which will probably suck…. (also lol)

  • Hey Guys,

    I was wondering if any of you know of a way I can “duel boot” a flash drive. I know I can use tools like UNetBootin, but that only allows me to use one ISO at a time. I thought you mentioned something in your back catalog, but I only found one episode (I believe episode 14) that even mentions UNetBootin. Thanks guys, I enjoy your show when I feel like I need a good laugh but also need to catch up on the latest news.


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