Show #35 | What Computers Can’t do

We’re back! It’s been over a year and Ben and Sam catch up.

Music: Luminary – My World (Arksun Mix)

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Show #34 | GLAZED Conf and Kyle Ellicott

Interview with Kyle Ellicott, Founder of the Stained Glass Labs Incubator

A better picture of Kyle Ellicott

Kyle is an acomplished entreprenuer and jokingly says all he had to do to start his incubator was: “sign a piece of paper, call a few people and boom it happened!”.

Everybody in the SF Area check out the GLAZED conference happening on SEPTEMBER 28-30, 2013.

Glazed Conference Logo

Here are some of the interview questions:

  • Will wearable technology always need my smartphone?
  • Do you think we will get to the point of a Brain-Computer interface being mainstream?
  • Do you envision Bitcoin intersecting with wearable technology?
  • Battery life / energy harvesting
  • When you’re looking at startup teams, are you more concerned with the idea and story, or things they’ve already been able to execute?
  • Does outsourcing turn you off when looking at startups?
  • What is the most ridiculous “slide ware” you’ve ever seen?
  • If somebody wanted to pitch to you, what would be the best approach?
  • Did you go to college? if so did it prepare you for what you’re doing today?
  • Who is one person who really influenced, your “Hero”?

    Ron Conway, Warren Buffett, Jim Cramer, Kyle’s Father and Grandfather

    (Cramer’s book: Confessions of a Street Addict)
  • Call to action for anything you are excited about?

Contact info for kyle:
Stained Glass Labs Incubator

After the interview Merrick shares a registration for which we talked about in the last episode:

Sign up for codepub today!

Music: DC Breaks, Skism – Killer Ft. Dee Freer (Tantrum Desire Remix)

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Ben and Sam Catch up in this week’s BONUS episode which was recorded moments after the end of show 33.
We talk about Bitcoin and more. Also, Mike Shaw gives us epic feedback regarding Jump List parser code he’s posted.

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Show #33 | Snowden’s Rogue Drone

Show #32 | Meteor.js Hackathon
Coverage of Meteor.js Hackathon hash tag: #meteorhack. Ben and David go to a Hackathon and are Victorious! We take home a Meteor AR Drone 2.0 as a prize!

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Show #31 | Bitcoin 2013
Coverage of Bitoin 2013 conference hash tag: #bitcoin2013.

ASIC miner

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Show #30 | ASIC Powered Floating Island
Special guest David Sykora!
This week we talk hardware, BitCoin, LiteCoin, Asic Miners, Routers, Peace Corps and more!

Ben’s Blanket Fort:

Merrick gets upset about doors:

Ben and David's Robot!!

Ben’s video with stolen robot parts. (there’s also another video on that same channel)

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Show #29 | Glitches In Sam’s Homeless Matrix

Show Notes:
This week we talk BitCoin, QuadCopters, Tech Company subpoena woes, and good office culture. Also there is a major glitch in Sam’s Matrix:

Music: Orkidea – Unity (Solarstone Pure Mix)

More comments about the show in Google Plus

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Show #28 | Break It Down For Me

Long lost audio documenting a study session between Sam and Ben. The book is called “Windows Forensic Analysis DVD Toolkit, Second Edition”. If you are not ready to bend your mind, this show might not be the best for you. Warning: this show has some unclear areas, if you do not enjoy just wait till next week’s episode! Sorry!

  • utc vs gmt
  • Routing table (netstat)
  • persistant connections
  • protected storage and disk encryption in windows
  • soft ice
  • crash dump, have you ever seen one
  • hex math with offsetting. first number is the address, second is the offset
  • number
    0x   4d7000
    0x 80000000
    added together
    0x 804d7000
  • ssdeep.exe
  • gdb and redis stepping through.
  • MySql and Sql Injection

Music: Rusko – Everyday (Netsky Remix)

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Show #27 | CPU_SLOW

We bring you the latest buzz surrounding node.js and some history. Also the WebStorm editor which works great with node!

  • Special thanks to David Sykora for redesigning our site!
  • Tool: also get the node.js plugin.
  • Ben hacks objective c iOS display code for iPhone 5
  • Sam recomends Battery Case:
  • Node.js
  • Ben recording with iPhone5 and has trouble again
  • Merrick talks about node.js including: The conception of node by Ryan Dahl (creator of NodeJS):
  • NODE: What first got Ryan excited about server side stuff was him seeing his first upload progress bar, he was like WTFOMGBBQ.
  • NODE: Ryan’s first ever demo was presenting his early version of node running a IRC server at JSConf in Berlin, the demo gods taunted him, and he considered fleeing, but also got lucky, and had demo win, people in the audience connected to his simple server, were chatting and then saw it was all from the 400 lines of JS running server-side.
  • NODE: Joyent (PaaS, IaaS) was in the audience and was like hey we want to build out our infrastructure on this, and Ryan was like well you prob shouldn’t… & they were like, no come to work for us, we’ll pay you to build it.
  • EC2 AMI for Merrick’s Node dev server (AMI: ubuntu/images/ebs/ubuntu-precise-12.04-amd64-server-20121001 (ami-3d4ff254))
  • Node dev server setup walkthrough coming next show!
  • Non blocking on iOS and in general (scheduling) (Blocks)
  • Cloud 9 IDE runs on node.js
  • Indie game the movie
  • Humble Indie Bundle
  • Fez gaming demo
  • Cube World Demo
  • Sam rants against windows 8 after reviewing with a laptop from the stoneage.
  • Sam’s horrible skype flags: CPU_SLOW CALL_BW_LOW
  • Microsoft Is Fast Turning Into A Sideshow
  • US Military spends $617 on Windows 8
  • Epic router: Dark Knight
  • Indie Devs Google +

Recorded on January 12th, 2013.
Tripple O.G. Nerd
Music: Omnia, Ira – The Fusion (Original Mix)

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